Fresh Start.

I have always believed that we were given voices to use them. That very simple statement can be taken and spun into so many different webs. Use them literally, as in to communicate. Use them as in - a way to translate who we are inside to the outside world. Or the meaning that I give it. When I say that I truly believe I was given a voice to "use it" I mean it - in the sense of to speak up. The world is now and never has been perfect. I believe the way we can heal it and change it is by more of us speaking up and opening up. When people hear me say that; they think - let's get another soap box out for this one to stand on, but I don't want or need one. Whatever follows from the post is never going to be written expecting you to pity me, I'm never asking you to give up what you believe and agree with me. I'm simply hoping to use this platform as a way of opening doors that conceal conversations that we maybe up until now have been too afraid to have in fear of saying the wrong thing or not knowing enough about the topic to tackle it.

This blog post alone has taken me a very long time to write - the words themselves technically took me two seconds but more so the courage and determination that it took to write it; that has taken a good hot minute. For the past three years I have been suffering from clinical depression and an anxiety disorder caused by an injury I sustained in my place of work, that left me with nerve damage, chronic pain and loss of a lot of use in my right hand / extending up to my neck on my right side. I never in a million years thought that hurting myself physically could cause the level of mental pain that it did. When it first happened and honestly even up until recently I would never have said those words. To most people my life is perfect and I'm fine. They think I work freelance, I'm getting on with being in my late twenties and everything is okay. Life is easier that way. Having to actually be vulnerable, open up and peal back your mask to expose to your true self is a journey and it's one I'm very much so still on.

Re-claiming this website and re-claiming my voice is one step in that. For so long I've thought 'but who cares about what I have to say, when I'm THIS broken' or 'I can barley think never mind write'. I know sometimes I will still feel like that but I'm also determined to have more days like today where I just out of the blue at 5:30pm decide that by 6:00pm my first blog post 'back' will be published and I will not over think it.

So if you are still with me;

This is a lifestyle blog written in the hopes of giving people a place to feel safe and at home about topics that we don't always want to approach. With a 'salt & pepper' approach between Pinterest Decor to Women's Rights - hopefully there will be something for everyone here.

I hope that you find something here for you.


  1. I cannot contain my excitement to know you have put the first post on KHM. I am so excited to read what you have to say, I can't wait for your next post!
    LOVE S x

  2. Used to love reading your blog! Can't wait to see how you use this post. Sending love and positivity your way, all day xx


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