I'm a big believer in routine and as someone who has a journal, agenda and a bullet journal (yes I am THAT person) one thing I do every month is curate a Vision Board for the month ahead. There are no rules, no rhyme, no reason. The only desired outcome is having a completed board to put into my previously mentioned obnoxious amounts of diaries. 

Sometimes they will have a concept, I have based them on songs that I currently love, albums that recently came out, an instagram model I'm currently obsessed with. Other times I will base them off a word, a texture or a spread I saw in Vogue. 

For August I will admit that it had very little inspiration. Instead by pulling images without a preconceived concept, I ended up creating three separate boards that cohesively and collectively tell you a lot about what is inspiring me right now. 

#1 The color green: For years I had just decided that I hated it. I had nothing to back up the claim there was just something about it. But one friends beautiful wedding later (yes you guessed it, her wedding color was green) and now I'm lowkey obsessed.

#2 Textures : From the crinkled paper to the satin dress and mesh fabric. Textures can be a big player when you're creating a vision board. Sometimes all it takes is one texture to make the entire thing and sometimes all it takes is misplacing said texture to leave you swearing at your screen. 

#3 A sense of wonder : Right now we are all to some extent still confined by Covid 19. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't limiting my imagination to the compounds of my skull and reaching out. I found wonder through incorporating one of the Taylor Swift Folklore graphics with another nod to her in the 'EXILE' - written both in English and Korean. That asian influence is seen through out a lot of my work recently. Asian culture and style have always heavily influenced me artistically so it makes sense that I can see it in my vision boards too. 

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