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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A few Sundays ago I got bored, less people tend to be working on a Sunday so my inbox gets slightly slower. I decided to put on some youtube and while I was watching some a vlog I decided that I felt like designing. Now I get these moments where I really want to do some work but I don't actually want to do any of the work I have to do. I am a really motivated person, but sometimes I just want to have full creative control. So I decided to mock up a re-brand for SYDANDELL. I had been watching one of their videos and I still had Syd's instagram on my mind from last weeks post and I just thought - fuck it, no one is going to see it so let's just play around! 

For those of you who maybe haven't heard of them they are two best friends from the UK, in their 20's and basically get paid to Vlog their lives and to 'influence'. Now when I first started out watching them they were younger so their 'brand' visuals were less mature. It was girlier and I would say less 'sophisticated'. 

But as they're matured so has their style. One thing I've always loved about them is how relatable everything about them is but the brand developer inside me was always thrown off a little bit when I went onto their youtube page and saw their profile picture / banner. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying I didn't like the images because at one stage they would have been 100% on brand with what the girls were representing at that time. But when your brand is based largely on who you are, it's so important to know what as you grow and evolve, your brand needs to follow suit.

Their page BEFORE the re-brand

So I mocked up some designs and ended up posting it to my twitter, where Syd saw it and we got talking. It turned out that they were having technical difficulties with their header image which lead to them not being able to change it. I was about to fix that remotely (does this mean I can add tech support to my cv?) and when she was able to finally update it, she wanted to use one of my designs. I had originally made the graphic below to show the font that I would use for their names - but it ended up actually being tweaked to actually fit in their banner instead. 

With that all that was left to make sure everything was working cohesively was to pick a display picture that matched the new tone of their banner! 

Their page AFTER my re-brand

Re-branding can be THAT simple, but it can also be vital step in keeping your business moving. No matter how beautiful and modern the inside of your house is; if the outside is unkept and run down there will be a large % of people who will never appreciate the work you've carried out indoors because they will make a judgement based on how you have designed the outside. 

Another example  is wrapping a gift. No matter how much effort you put into wrapping a gift, if the gift is terrible - the wrapping can't improve the gift itself. However if you buy a really expensive, thoughtful gift and then badly gift wrap it, it can make the experience less enjoyable. 

In a brands case - the question I always ask in a situation like above is : why put so much hard work into your business to let it down by creating a poor visual imprint with your branding? 

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