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Thursday, October 22, 2020


Even as I was putting 'Still to come' on this graphic, I could hear it being spoken in that very late 90's early 00's intro to one of the many trashy reality tv shows I would watch where they'd say 'Still to come on this season of -'. But I really couldn't think of any other way to title what I wanted to post here.

Launching a website to show my work and write about aspects of graphic design and branding maybe wasn't ideal in a pandemic. Especially not when it meant that it was changing everyones process, everyones habits, everyones well - whole freaking lives. I had intended to launch this page and have it filled with content, make it something I was really able to be proud of and I thought that I could still do that in a pandemic but I've been finding it so hard to be creative, even just in my terms of my work - so adding a whole new layer to that has been just too much. 

I find so much creative energy on line and from media that yes I can still consume, but I also get so much of it from life experiences. From things as small as spending way too long examining labels on food in a new grocers right up to big moments like seeing that moment of a confetti cannon explosion, shooting color through the sky of an arena as music you love is playing in the background. 

So what I wanted to come on here today and say is thank you so much to the people who have supported me thus far with this page. I love reading your emails, I love when people head over to my IG and chat with me, I mean even just READING the things I post is such a big deal to me. It's an energy exchange that you are giving me, that I can only offer you my gratitude for in return. 

But there is still a lot to come. 

I'm working on updating my portfolio which is why I have yet to put up anything in my previous work / service section because I didn't see the point in putting up old systems right when I'm working on changing them. 

But for those of you right now who are sticking around, I see you and I will be putting more stuff live! 

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