About Me

Saturday, April 27, 2019

This blog is written by Kellyhope a twenty something year old woman taking on the world, currently residing in Ireland.  Her interests include creative writing, brand management, graphic design, reading, travelling and listening to music. The way to her heart is through - donuts, Starbucks, Disney, a Burger, anything Kate Spade or home interior, a trip to IKEA and of course, the old fashioned way; through her her rib cage.

Kellyhope can normally be found; playing with her dogs, not replying to texts, denying her tan addiction, watching documentaries, emailing clients in ten different time zones, scrolling through Instagram or pretending she is as a star as she performs private concerts in her bedroom along with Spotify.

This blog has been written as a way of giving reason for the daily grind of suddenly being in your twenties and realising that the light bulb over your head that is supposed to turn on and give you all the answers - doesn't seem to be working. Almost as a way to give purpose to the chaos, to put names on the hurricanes.
-KH xo
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