About Me

Saturday, April 27, 2019

I see the world in colors. A pattern or a certain shade of pink can step out of nowhere to become a rabbit hole for me, and what was a 2D image is instantly a 3D reality I’ve unwittingly walked into - graphics floating before me, text being layered and formatted into a instant hypothetical that I didn’t go in search of but find myself standing inside. 

I began my journey with graphic design by studying photography and then studying and working in the make-up field. I’ve always been drawn towards creative spheres and with art as an active element of so many different spaces, there’s been no limit to where my eye can take me. Working in the beauty and retail industry opened a window for me to learn about art as it works as the driving force for fields like branding, merchandising, and retail vision. 

Ultimately, I fell in love with the idea of imagery as a process - as something you can break down and rebuild and layer over and peel back but always and in all ways a note struck by the harmony of so many different elements at work at once. 

It’s the search for the perfect harmony that drives me every day, in every layer of every image I build, in every conversation I have with someone who has a vision but needs my skill set to realize it. 

Every project is a challenge I relish; a collaboration that can build the true vision of what began as a dream.


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