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I get asked a lot of the general repeat questions on a daily basis. Two of them come up more than others seem to. I think it's a mix of peoples hatred of how social media can sometimes make them feel and peoples desire to be inspired themselves. The two questions are pretty simple and along the lines of - 

#1 How do you stay inspired curating creative work all day every day?

#2 How do you not go crazy staring at social media all day?

I will dive into 'Social Media' and more so its reputation as I continue to post, but this series 'thread of inspiration' is going to help further explain my answers to both questions. 

#1 How do I stay inspired? By consuming things that I know will inspire me. There isn't an equation or recipe that can be applied to it because an art exhibition that fuels me for a year could be like pulling teeth for you. I am conscious of keeping track of what really inspires me. In my bullet journal I have two spreads - one that just says 'inspired by' and one that says 'instagram aspirations' on those two lists through out the year I write down anything that makes me feel inspired. If you know me, you know how wild the list must seem to some people because I get inspired by things that I'm sure people question my sanity over. But high on the list was always social media accounts, mainly instagram which is why I set up a secondary one. 

#How do I not go crazy? This one is very simple. There is nothing wrong with social media, unpopular opinion I know. Yes some companies, influencers and even normal people use it inappropriately but I still believe one thing is true. The only thing you can control on social media is your approach to it. I use it as a means of inspiration, as a means of consuming beautiful imagery and communicating. 

But the first post in the series of 'Thread of Inspiration' incapsulates all of these things because she is an influencer, a Youtuber and she curates a feed that ends up in my 'screenshots' folder more than I'd like to ever admit! 


I initially followed @sydneymaycrouch on instagram because I followed her youtube. She has a very vlog heavy channel 'Syd & Ell' with her best friend Ell. They are just two early twenty year old girls living the dream of travelling, being paid to simply do what they love and live their life out online. One thing I do want to point out that surprises me about the approach to youtube vs instagram is that their youtube content doesn't have an aesthetic, even their main banner isn't heavily designed. Yet you will see from what I've posted in this blog Syd's attention to detail and color is next level. 

BUT ANYWAY, my point was just that I followed her because of who she was. I didn't even look at her feed first. I think there are two categories of people I follow on Instagram - #1 the people I follow because of who they are (whether it's a friend of a celeb I like) and then #2 the people I follow because I love their feed. 

Some people like Syd, ended up starting on one list and crossing over so they feature on both. 

There was never anything wrong with her images as 'singular images'. Like I said she is in her early twenties, she is what society classes as a beautiful girl. But things started changing this - I would say past year (as in the joke that has been 2020) and I really started noticing in about February - that she was putting in a lot of extra effort in the sense that she wasn't just uploading good quality singular images anymore. She was posting good quality images that all worked under one umbrella aesthetic. 

I started noticing the little attempts of color pattern or tonality within grid spaces. For me personally I tend to really love her content that is white, stone, browns, green - I think between her hair and skin tone those earthy and monochromatic tones just really pop. But as you can see from above she also had some fun with blues and other colors too that I didn't include. 

When I work with people teaching them how to brand their business, how to put that brand out into the world or how to curate a conscious feed - I create what I call 'packs'. It's a full PDF with all my tips and tricks, statistics, editing guides, visual aids. 

My favorite section in the branding package is my 'aesthetic' section where I have I think in my last pack I made 8 different instagrams as examples. I am constantly looking for Instagram accounts that not only fuel me, but that I think will inspire people who are new to this world to want to be apart of it. 

Right now? @sydneymaycrouch is one of the first people I bring up during zoom calls in initial meetings to use as an example of someone who still clearly goes out and photographs her life. It just takes that extra little edge up of putting in the time and effort to take shots that you know will be cohesive with your general aesthetic and also conducive to aligning with your overall brand image. 

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