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Thursday, October 01, 2020


This week whilst diving into designing a facebook group banner (my gosh not for me before you judge me) I found an album on a group I had obviously made years ago that I set to private and simply uploaded a tonne of my literal first graphic designs from I'm guess 2008-2012(ish) era. 

So there isn't much that I have to say about this, I just thought that y'all would enjoy the trip down memory lane that I was forced down during the week! Please remember as you look through these that the person was a sixteen-eighteen (ish) year old girl who learned who to use graphic design tools to try and impress a boy in a band by offering to design their Myspace banner. 

It's REALLY showing my age that this is for LIVEJOURNAL!

I love Mindy White, she was in a band called Lydia and is generally a singer / songwriter. For a few years she had me design her myspace / tumblr layouts and it was so bomb because I loved her band!

This was for a girl in Arizona for (if I'm right) her Etsy Store

Through the years I have gone through the names '480 Designs', 'Studio Twenty Seven'
so I promise this is mine. 

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