I'm a big believer in routine and as someone who has a journal, agenda and a bullet journal (yes I am THAT person) one thing I do every month is curate a Vision Board for the month ahead. There are no rules, no rhyme, no reason. The only desired outcome is having a completed board to put into my previously mentioned obnoxious amounts of diaries. 

Sometimes they will have a concept, I have based them on songs that I currently love, albums that recently came out, an instagram model I'm currently obsessed with. Other times I will base them off a word, a texture or a spread I saw in Vogue. 

For September I actually really struggled. Normally my vision board for the next month will be done in the month previous - I will have it sitting in my agenda ready to go, 100% finished. But for some reason this month was just a hot mess for me. I didn't know what I wanted it to say, how I wanted it to feel or how I wanted it to look. 

My process with these boards tends to be that I will go through my phone, see what I have screen shot in the month previous (which tends to be like 100+ screen shots because I'm a terrible person), see if any of them spark anything in me or see if I want to use any of them. If I do I'll airdrop them to my macbook and then from there? go to my second favorite place in the world (after Disney World) PINTEREST. I'll pull images, put them together and be done before I know it. 

But for September I couldn't even decide what images to pull never mind what sequences I wanted the photographs to be put into. This mood board featured above was honestly finished I think in the third week of September and I beat myself up for those three weeks for NOT HAVING IT DONE, which then made it even harder.


Now I'm going to shush myself and let you know what finally came to me to bring this pretty simple but I hope still worthy vision board to life! 

#1 SKIMS : Any of you reading this who actually knows me or even if you just follow me on IG you will know the love and respect I have always had for Kim Kardashian. When I first saw a photograph of this billboard for her Skims campaign, I instantly screen shot it and put it on my lock screen. Yes aesthetically she looks beautiful - but for me this image was about reminding myself that I'm in charge of my own narrative and honestly just reminding me how bomb brands like Skims are. Sometimes people see big brands like Vogue or Sephora daunting and scary to look up to but I just see it as something to drive me to be better in my own work. 

#2 FREEDOM : From the movement to the dreamy outdoors I guess I just wanted to give myself a taste of freedom within these images. I think a lot of us are feeling trapped and like we are missing out on SEEING so much of the beauty in the world so I've started to be conscious to bring the earth into my work in any simple way I can. 

#3 Yoongi's Tweet : The piece that was the other catalyst to this board was the tweet that is featured on the left hand side. I was conscious I had use Kim on one side because it inspired me and I wanted something that did the same on the left. That tweet was for those of you who don't know him by twitter handle (which I mean, I know most won't) - is Yoongi from KPOP band BTS. He sent this tweet (which is just him saying he is crying) after their song Dynamite went to the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list, making them the first ever Korean artist to debut at that #1 spot. 

#4 INTERIORS : I have a few friends right now who are either waiting to move out (the pandemic has been putting their time line on a bloody roller coaster like feeling) or that have just moved into new places so I feel like for once I have had an actual excuse for hour many hours a week I spend looking at the #interiordesign tag on Instagram. For me right now it's all about arches, earthy tones and gold / brass features and fixtures. 

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