Thursday, August 27, 2020


Working with Kellyhope has been everything my brand has needed and more. Kellyhope’s ability to tap in, fully understand my message and what I want to create sets her apart from anyone in her field. Her eye for color and design paired with her extraordinary work ethic and organization has made her essential in my brands growth, I truly am so grateful for her. 
-Diana R, Nashville TN 

Working with Kellyhope was a simple and speedy process that resulted in design work that totally encapsulated what I wanted and surpassed my expectations for quality, communication of ideas and the piece that was the final outcome. I went to Kellyhope with a very definite idea for what I wanted expressed but no clue how to achieve that, and she talked my needs out with me until she found the scope she needed to realize my vision, and did so better than I could even have imagined or hoped. I will definitely be working with Kellyhope again in the future and I highly recommend her work to anyone who is thinking of employing her incredible talents. - Clodagh R, Edmonton Canada 

 Working with Kellyhope is like a dream come true, she just gets it. Kellyhope is very organised with her approach, she firstly took the time to get inside my brain truly understand my vision. I was asked a series of questions so we could establish what that looked like. Each and every time she came back she’s hit the nail on the head. I’ve been excited from the start of our collaboration to the finish I’ve learnt so much along the way, Kellyhope has gave me every inch of her time and I’m grateful for having met her and being able to walk on this journey with her. -Kimberly N, London England 

 Working with Kellyhope is a dream! She goes above & beyond to make sure she understands your brand but also you as a human being. she’s thorough & precise & somehow makes your visions come to life! always delivers content in a timely manner & goes above & beyond for her clients. 
-Kinsey C Atlanta, Georgia USA

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